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Slovenian vegan society

Welcome to the English website of the Slovenian Vegan Society. Here you will find some basic information regarding our society, some eating tips for Slovenia, links to vegan related events and other useful links.

If you are coming to Slovenia and need help, or have a question, an idea or a piece of advice, contact us at:


About the Slovenian Vegan Society

The Slovenian Vegan Society is a non-political, humanitarian organisation of the civil society uniting vegans in Slovenia. It offers professional help and support to vegans and those who wish to become vegan, education about animal rights and animal care, ecology, and specialised nutrition education.

Slovenian Vegan Society was established in September 2012 and has since been building a sound foundation. At the begining of 2017, there were 400 members, 7,500 people read our articles and announcements on our Facebook page daily and 3,000 people were subscribed to our monthly newsletter. In this short four years we have carried out a lot of projects, many of them on the regular basis. They have become a distinctive signs of our work. The most important ones are introduced in the paragraph below.

Slovenian Vegan Society works together with many non-governmental organisations and celebrities. We also appear in the media: our events are well-known, they are published in the newspapers, online and occasional also on TV. Due to appearance in the media during the last three years, veganism in Slovenia has become more popular and accepted.


Basic information about the Slovenian Vegan Society and contacts

Slovensko vegansko društvo
Berčičeva 6a
1000 Ljubljana

+ 386 68 645 622



Bank Account Number details
IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 5496 464

VAT number:
26473364 (our organisation is tax exempt)

PayPal Account



Our projects

Here you can find some of our most important projects:

  • Vegan Easy Challenge (VEC): on-line programme which starts every 1st day of the month and lasts for 30 days; twice a year a VEC with special events, lectures and prizes takes place
  • Vegafest: the largest vegan festival in Slovenia with more than 50 stands (vegan companies, vegan restaurants, animal protection organisations), many workshops, lectures and more than 5,000 visitors (in 2016)
  • Vegafriday: monthly lectures in different Slovenian cities with professional lecturers and vegan food tastings (we invite other vegan companies and local societies to cooperate with us)
  • Daily updated website ( with 1,500 page views a day: up-to-date news and events, recipes, a collection of the most inexpensive animal friendly groceries in Slovenian supermarkets, a list of Slovenian vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, stores, online stores etc.
  • SVS’s stands: participating on other organisations’ events, representing vegan way of life and handing out our leaflets; a very important goal is having a stand in the centre of Ljubljana every Saturday.
  • A SVS membership card: the card can be used for discount purchasing in our on-line store and in many Slovenian shops and restaurants.
  • Issuing leaflets, brochures, posters, printed books and e-books about different aspects of veganism, e.g. animal rights, carnism, vegan nutrition and recipes, vivisection, environmental issues, vegan quotes (
  • Cooking workshops (in-between we give lectures about vegan diet, hand out leaflets)


Eating in Slovenia

In Slovenia it's not difficult to find a restaurant with vegan options. There aren't many vegan-only restaurants but many regular restaurants would be able to prepare a vegan meal upon request. Below you can find a link to vegan-friendly restaurants and a vegan passport that helps you explain your eating habits to a waiter; vegan, education about animal rights and animal care, ecology, and specialised nutrition education.


Are you coming to Slovenia? We have prepared a document, which you can use in restaurants and elsewhere to explain what food you eat and what ingredients are suitable for you. Please find a free printing copy here:



Regular social events

Almost every day there is a vegan-related event taking place in Slovenia. Some events are organized on a regular basis. Please find the list of regular events below, for all the others please check the following web page: It is in the Slovenian language, so if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: We will be happy to assist you.

Regular events

LJUBLJANA: every Tuesday at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. winter time) – Vegan dinner at Infoshop, Metelkova ulica, Ljubljana – Vegan dinner prepared by volunteers. Fee 2€/person. (Map)

MARIBOR: every third Thursday of the month – Vegan snack (light meal) at Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Ob železnici 8, Maribor – Lectures or panel discussing current issues regarding veganism, followed by vegan food tasting. (Map)



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Facebook groups for exchanging of ideas, questions and recipes

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